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iPhone overview Connectivity, applications, conclusion

Sync me in The iPhone supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, USB v2.0 and of course Bluetooth v2.0. The Bluetooth functionality doesn't include the A2DP profile for listening...

iPhone overview Telephony, phonebook, messaging, multimedia, camera

Hallo, hallo The phone is nothing special. You have the onscreen dial pad, and a convenient Recent section, which keeps track of all the calls...

iPhone overview Display, sensors, user interface

Display goes a long way As you clearly imagine by now, the display is the best and most important part of the iPhone. Given the...

iPhone overview 360-degree spin, design, construction

Looks matter You've probably already seen pictures and videos of Apple's iPhone but in reality the handset is smaller than you might have expected. It...

iPhone overview: Apple of discord | Introduction

Cutting edge, sleek and promising, the iPhone stirred the mobile world - not bad for Apple's first go at the mobile phones market. Inspiring...